Women Write the War
by Bee Pedersen


Jeanne Crosno

"Women Write the War" is a collection of heartrending, brave and forthright letters written by women who are living the ultimate sacrifice. These are the mothers, wives, daughters and friends that have sent their loved ones off to war so we can sleep peacefully each night. Unless a person has a loved one defending our country it is truly impossible to understand what everyday life is like for these people. The logistical nightmare of juggling children, schedules and jobs to accommodate the missing link in their lives not to mention the 'real life story' on the battlefield told by the soldiers themselves. The daily news reporting one of the recent tragedies of war sends shivers through their bodies not knowing if the casualties may include their loved ones. Not even Hollywood could produce such compelling stories of the lives these people are living as relayed through these letters. 

Bee Pedersen has opened my eyes and heart to a whole new level of honor, gratitude and respect for those who sacrifice much of their lives for our safety. I'm not a bumper sticker kinda gal, however, I'm now proudly sporting a yellow ribbon to help others remember our troops and Godspeed them home.

Catherine Sansbury

Women Write the War is a collection of stories, vignettes and letters written by women who are soldiers in Iraq or who have loved ones there. Bee Pedersen and the many contributors bring a human aspect to the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan that is not shown on the major television networks or rarely written in the newspapers. This book brings the lives of the soldiers and their families into your living room up close and personal. You feel as though you know each and every one of the contributors personally after reading this book. The stories will inspire you to be more patriotic as well as inspire you to be more understanding, sympathetic and appreciative towards our troops and their loved ones. I immediately tied a yellow ribbon around a tree outside my home as a small symbol of the immense gratitude I have for the many sacrifices made by our troops and their loved ones, parents, spouses, children, siblings, friends and neighbors. A must read now and for generations to follow.